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May 2009
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Jamie Field is the guitarist
and songwriter of Mermaid Kiss,
the band formed in 2000
and who have since
gained a growing following
for their blend of melodic
and progressive rock.
Their latest album Etarlis
was released in June 2007.


Album review

Tuesday, May 19 2009 15:23:38

The once-a-month weekend recording sessions for the Mermaid Kiss - American Images album continue at our favourite rural retreat.

We spent Saturday afternoon listening to, and discussing, the rough mixes – and as is often the case at this stage, we’re more happy with some of the songs than we are with others. What works live (and we did road-test a number of the songs) doesn’t always translate to the studio (and vice versa of course). So, we set about re-arranging and trying out some new treatments for a number of the tracks – and suddenly it all felt a whole lot better. The songs we’d been struggling with seem to flow more easily and take on a new life. We all came away feeling much more positive.

In addition there’s a brand new piece to add to the album track list – a song called ‘Comes and Goes'.

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