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April 2007
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Gig review

Friday, April 6 2007 23:32:20

writing in the sanctuary of my flat back in London town!!
Last two shows were fantastic!!! York is SUCH a pretty town, and Middlesborough was a fun last show!
Can't believe it's all over!!
Arrived back home yesterday after a final ride on the tourbus - i caught the WORST cold from having the air vents in bus open the lats few days - woke up with the HUUUGEST swollen glands and completely blocked sinuses!! ARRGHHH!But the bus REEEAAALLy was beginning to smell funny and i needed the extra air.
The last couple of weeks has been a brilliant experience. i have learnt SOOO much - and everyone in the Tull organistion is just absolutely lovely, professional and TALENTED! Amazing!!!!
I know that a lot of the future tours between now and the end of the year will go back to being the 'rockier' Tull - so now that Martin Barre is on the tour, the need for a violinist who steals his guitar lines is held into question - I know that I will be doing the Uk festivals and maybe a few other gigs here and there...but i'm not sure about the European and USA tours!!! i think the promoters are slightly dubious about Tull having guests in the form of girly violinists...!!
I have also been asked to the band OiVaVoi as their violinist for the European and UK tours...and also festivals including Glastonbury....If you're a hardcore Tull fan i'm not sure if their music is QUITE up your street - you can check them out on
Let me know what you think!!!
There's also a couple of reviews ot the Tull gigs:
Have a fabulous Easter weekend!!!!
Lots of love
Anna xxxx
p.s.And for those of you who fancy saying hello, check out my site and sign the guestbook!!

Tuesday, April 3 2007 12:56:34

Only 2 shows to go!!!! :(
Salisbury was utterly delightful - what a lovely lovely town!!!!
It felt really good being with just the band - all in all it was a really fun gig! Felt really comfortable!
Yesterday we were in Derby where i stumbled out of the bus with PJs and sunglasses combo and ran into the lovely Silas who was carrying a bag of hot bacon sandwiches. AMAZING! I may have to get him to move to London.
The Derby gig felt great - apart from being introduced by Ian as someone who 'claims' to be mid-twenties but could be forty (?!!) And for ONCE i diverted from my ALL-BLACK OUTFIT RULE and he commented on my top saying that it looked like it was from a thrift store. ARGH! It's VINTAGE, actually....there IS a difference. I would challenge him to a Bow versus Flute duel but I think he would win. Or i would break the flute and then i would be fired. Or at least SEVERELY in debt. So i shall smile graciously and let the show go on.

Hahaaa - one of my friends actually commented that we look alike (!) Something about out eyes being the same when we play. Hilarious.

So. We're in York - what a LOVELY LOVELY place!!!! last time i was here (playing at the same venue) was for a charity event for a Ballet School with prima ballerinas from all around the world. We're off to a little Italian place for lunch. YUM! I have been CRAVING Tagliatelle Carbonara for the last couple of days - we've been eating LOADS of Indian and Thai food...

Oh. Our bus SMELLS. It is offically gross. For that reason only i am relieved it's almost over...but i really don't want the tour to end! Can't wait 'til May!!!

Oh yeah - I have been asked to play violin in a band called OiVaVoi..they are BRILLIANT!!! You should google them. They're signed to V2 and just about to release their album. In April I'll be doing a gig in Bristol with them then flying out for a couple of shows in Istanbul. Will keep you posted.

Off to work!!! (well...lunch...)

Hugs and Happy Tuesday!

Anna xxxx

Sunday, April 1 2007 12:55:01

three hectic days over!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just in my dressing room in Salisbury - been out for a scone and coffee - yum yum!!
Thursday was a long rehearsal day with the lovely members of the Emerald Orchestra - practicing for the two London shows. They were all fantastic and super lovely!
Friday and Saturday we played at Shepherd's Bush Empire - great to be back in the home town but WOW - they are the most disgusting dressing rooms EVER!!! Mine was freezing cold and REALLY smelled..well..just WEIRD - and worst of all I had to use the shower in there - THANK GOD I BROUGHT MY FLIP FLOPS. There was rust running down the most rank white plastic little cubicle and there were these weird pipes that were dripping water out of them...and lots of strange and indistinguishable stains on the floor and sides. I waited for the water to trun from brown to clear and then closed my eyes and imagined myself in a Herbal Essence or Timotei advert. It almost worked.

The gigs went well - REALLY nervewracking playing to friends and family!!!!!!!!! But the actual inside of the Shepherds Bush is really lovely - old-opera style...the last time I was there was seeing my lovely friend Edwina Hayes play opening for Nanci Griffiths - and the timebefore that was Nickelback (i had friends working on the crew..!!) so it was nice to be on the stage!! It was amazing meeting some of the audience afterwards and hearing where people had travelled from - Italy, the USA, Poland, Germany...all over!!

It really is lovely meeting the Jethro Tull fans - it's amazing to meet people who have followed the band for so many years - going back to a decade before i was even BORN!! It just reiterates what an honour it is not only to play with musicians whose career has spanned such a long time, but also to play for (and be accepted!!) by audiences who have been loyal to Tull for so long. THANK YOU!!!! (And i swear i'm not trying to be cheesy - i mean it!!!!!!) Oh yeah - and THANK YOU to those of you who have been buying the Gypsy album - it's the first time in my life i've sold cds at a gig - it feels amazing!!!!! :) :)

Ok. Time for shower. Then lunch, bit of practice (we're back to the non-orchestral set tonight!!) and then soundcheck. hahaaa - that's another thing - seeing and speaking to my friends and family after the shows they were all like 'OK!!!! So NOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW we see why you've been practicing so much!!! That music is COMPLICATED - and there's LOADS of it.'.....They are right!!!! There is!!! And there are still bits that aren't quite right yet....must. practice. more.

Off to work.
Love Anna xxx